Frequently Asked Questions

The Showcase Jewellers Buying Group is owned by its members. All profits are returned to our members at the end of each financial year.

A jewellery buying group is an organisation that offers a wide array of business services and solutions to independent jewellers. A jewellery buying group enables collective buying power and discounts from retail suppliers that would otherwise be impossible for a small business to achieve singularly; also providing a wealth of services and resources to improve the operations of independently owned and operated businesses. A jewellery buying group also serves as an industry network for independent jewellers to connect and converse with other business owners, suppliers and industry staff, effectively creating a resourceful community of likeminded individuals that would otherwise struggle to intersect with one another.

There are a wide variety of benefits to becoming a member of a jewellery buying group, including:

Finance Benefits

  • Profit return to members at the end of every financial year
  • A 30% discount on tax, superannuation and financial services advice in the first year of membership, and an ongoing fee discount of 15-30% after the first year
  • Systems to assist with budgeting, cash flow and buying
  • A centralised billing system
  • EFTPOS rates
  • Foreign exchange contracts
  • National conference rebates

Merchandise and Stock Benefits

  • Generous supplier discounts direct to members
  • An extensive list of preferred local and international suppliers
  • Access to an in-house Diamond department, loose Diamond inventory and comprehensive Diamond Portal
  • Access to exclusive Diamond brands Dreamtime Diamonds, Passion8 Diamonds, Canadian Fire and select Argyle Australian Diamonds pieces and stones
  • Good, Better, Best engagement ring stock program

Marketing Benefits

  • In-house marketing agency
  • Website setup and management
  • Graphic design
  • Printing support
  • Access to an extensive royalty-free image library
  • Professional product photography
  • POS promotions and store traffic generators
  • Access to a resource-rich Marketing Toolbox
  • Customisable catalogues
  • Coaching opportunities with our digital marketing partner

Retail Benefits

  • Market-leading business systems optimised for retail
  • Retail advice
  • A retail leasing information system subscription (available only to Australian members in NSW, QLD and ACT)
  • Member and staff training opportunities
  • Jewellery insurance services

Other Benefits

  • Support from experienced head office staff
  • Networking opportunities with fellow independent jewellers
  • Biannual jewellery conferences
  • Legal services
  • Freedom to retain your individual identity and branding separate from Showcase Jewellers

To learn more about our services and the many benefits of becoming a Showcase Jewellers member, visit our services page.

The key difference that separates Showcase Jewellers from other Jewellery Buying Groups is that we are member-owned and return all profits to our members. We believe that our success is only possible through the success of our members, which has been our way of operating for over 40 incredible years.

A strong sense of community exists between our staff, members and directors from a shared passion for the jewellery industry. We are proud to go the extra mile for our members at every opportunity, providing extraordinary service and aiding in the growth and prosperity of each members’ unique business.

Simply fill out our form below and someone from our senior management team will contact you to begin the process of becoming a member of Showcase Jewellers.

If you’re a legitimate supplier and are interested in partnering with us, please fill out our contact form.

Showcase Jewellers Conferences are a brilliant opportunity to meet and network with fellow independent jewellers, suppliers and the staff at Showcase Jewellers Buying Group. At our conferences, members have the opportunity to receive updates on services, products, training and many more resources to benefit their businesses.

Our conferences are held twice a year, in February and August.

There is no set location for each conference. We endeavor to choose our conference locations based on their convenience and overall potential to maximise our members’ experience during their stay. Members are informed as to the location of their next conference months in advance to ensure adequate notice.

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